Working With Us.

Hotbox Sports, through a patented algorithm, has isolated the properties that make American Fantasy Football so popular and created the same gaming environment for Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey.

We are patented in the United States and are patent pending in the European Union, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and China.

Our Products Are Legal In All Jurisdictions.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (“UIGEA”), the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (“PASPA”), the Wire Act, and the federal Prohibition on Illegal Gambling all address “betting or wagering” on sporting events. The UIGEA, however, contains a specific exemption for fantasy sports contests fulfilling certain conditions:

Participants pay a one-time, non-refundable entry fee in exchange for the experience of participating in the Promotion.

All prizes and awards offered to winning participants must be established and made known to the participants in advance of the contest, and the value of those prizes and awards may not depend on the number of participants or the amount of any fees paid by those participants.

All winning outcomes must reflect the relative knowledge and skill of the participants and be determined predominantly by accumulated statistical results of the performance of individual athletes in multiple real-world sporting events.

Lastly, none of the results may be based on the outcome of the game, including the score, point-spread. The performance or performances of any single real-world team or any combination of such teams are not the deciding factors in our product.

Risk Mitigation.

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GLI Certification.

  • GLI is the largest network of global companies dedicated to providing the Gaming industry with independent testing and evaluation of all types of gaming technology. They are experts in providing functional and compliance evaluations of a vast array of Gaming machines, software, systems, and peripheral equipment including: Lottery, Mobile Gaming, Networked Gaming and Wireless. They offer Inspection, Certification, Consulting, Forensics, Training and Global Professional Services.

    GLI certifies gaming products based on the testing, inspection and compliance determinations and/or certify products for conformity with GLI Standards in addition to the individual applicable requirements of nearly 450 gaming jurisdictions around the world.

  • GeoComply offers regulators and operators a reliable, secure and user-friendly solution for the Geolocation of online users. Focusing on the regulated iGaming and broadcasting industries, GeoComply works closely with its customers to harness cutting edge technology to better serve their needs.

  • IDology offers real-time and on-demand identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for organizations operating in a customer-not-present environment. The IDology platform serves as a collaborative hub for monitoring and stopping fraudulent activity while also driving revenue, decreasing costs and meeting compliance, while providing an end-to-end authentication solution that streamlines processes, increases customer acquisition and improves the overall customer experience.

Custom Game Design.

From conceptualization to finished product, Hotbox Sports Design Team puts a premium on designing easy interface and visually entertaining (or stunning) products

Phone & App Integration.

The game is not resource-intensive, so to keep things simple, the app will show the same site as the computer and tablet.

The app developer needs only to drop a standard browser control in the app to show the same URL as the computer and tablet use.

Adjustments can be made to create a look more fitting for a tablet or mobile device, if necessary.

I-Frame Technology.

Hotbox Sports delivers it’s suite of Fantasy Products through an I-Frame, placed across any digital property. An I-Frame is a simple portal or a hole that is created in a website, that allows a user to think that he is playing the game on that website — when in actuality the game is hosted on Hotbox Sports servers. The below example is how a team-based product would appear for Real Madrid (

Intranet Overview.

The Hotbox Sports white label platform will securely aggregate all of a customer’s relevant information including:

  1. First/Last Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone #
  4. Date of Birth (Security Reasons)
  1. Email Address
  2. Username
  3. Password
  4. Account Creation/Updated Date

Transaction data detailing every transaction that a customer places will be tracked within the Admin Manager, including:

  1. Transaction ID
  2. Type of Payment
  3. Line Item Accounting with Price & Item
  4. Total Amount of Transaction
  1. Transaction Status (approved/declined/delayed/ect.)
  2. Transaction Timestamp
  3. IP Address of Transaction

Observe and actively manage website performance through Google Analytics including information on:

  1. Customer Location
  2. Clicks & the Number of Repeat Users (user loyalty)
  3. Active/Recent Users, Duration of Visit